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Our PCs are designed with one goal in mind: to offer best-in-class performance for your DAW or VST host.

Our carefully chosen specs emphasise all the elements needed to make your music sing: a CPU with killer single-core capabilities, large quantities of RAM, fast SSD storage, minimal noise and a range of connectivity options for your devices. Fitted throughout with premium components, your PC also comes with free UK shipping and a three-year warranty as standard.

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Whether you’re working from your spare room or your custom-built studio, our Producer Series of audio PCs will help you achieve the perfect mix. Powered by 6- and 8-core AMD Ryzen™ CPUs with outstanding single-core performance, these machines are perfect for producers, sound designers and musicians who work primarily with synths and effects.


To misquote Jane Austen, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a composer in possession of a new sample library must be in want of more RAM and a bunch of extra storage. That’s why our Composer Series, based around the 12- and 16-core multithreading beasts that are AMD’s flagship Ryzen™ 5900X and 5950X processors, start with 64 GB of high speed RAM and 2.5 GB of storage. If you’re a composer looking for a machine that can handle that huge orchestral template you run in your DAW, then look no further.

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Why do sample libraries need so much memory? And how do you know what sort of RAM to buy? Read on for everything you always wanted to know about RAM but were afraid to ask. . . RAM is one of the biggest bottlenecks when it comes to smooth playback of digital audio, especially when large sample libraries are involved. We’ve all been there: splurging on some juicy Black Friday deal only to find that the monster 50 GB library we’ve just installed now causes our whole template to grind to a halt. At some point, an upgrade is inevitable.

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